Changing My African Identity

Few days ago I saw the movie Coco with my professor and other members of my lab. We did a vote for the movie selection because we had quite a number of options. Though the choice of  seeing a movie was to celebrate my birthday (you may as well wish me happy birthday in the comment box below and share what you enjoy most in my style of writing). Before settling for Coco, the first movie of choice was Black Panther, but at the time, Black Panther premiere was a week after my birthday. Basically this piece of writing is not centred on my birthday, or the movie Coco, rather it is centred on the current media fuss on Black Panther.

Sold Happiness!!!

A few days or weeks ago, a wife was said to have stabbed her husband to death in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria over allegations that bothers on infidelity. Quite a number of persons were greeted by surprise, as if it was the first time a monkey will fall off a tree in spite of his climbing prowess. This is certainly not about the murder committed by the deceased wife, or a justification for her action. It is about the behavioural pattern of humans, it is about our happiness, joy and peace of mind as individuals. But then there is another angle to this, we are first humans before we became families, siblings, and friends. Humans before we fell in love and be loved; humans before we profess our faith and beliefs. Therefore, most of the actions and behaviour (either good or evil) from persons within our circles of lives stems from their human nature.

When we understand

The Selfishness of Friendship

In the end we may not have real enemies on the outside rather families and friends as the closest baits to our destructive end. The angle we least care about always forms the worst of our vulnerabilities. Absolutely, there is no one individual willing to expose all of their cruel past to a betrothed lover; yet the innate ability of withholding back mocks the very foundation of truth, love, believe and mind sanity. Our stupidity is the sugary confessional statements of love and our greatest pitfall is the tenacious fight for  acceptance by all a sundry. It is always all men to themselves and God for all. 

In a world of deceit and cruelty, our greatest misfortunes

-We Don't Die-

Have you ever wonder where we transit to after death or where we actually came from? I guess this Molecular Biologist and Biochemist has got some clues to your unending questions and worries about life after death. There is no such thing as permanent death or complete extinction as far as the universe is concerned. It is simply a metamorphosis, a sequence of change from one form of existence to another. However, the question remains are we metamorphosing from one phase to another or are we simply keeping a close circuit of energy? Your answers and conclusions are not far fetched. Sit back, relax and open your inner mind while I take you through the science of life after death and why I believe we can live forever but in different forms

What as Become of Us?

"We are told by the Holy Books; "nothing is new under the sun". I guess there is nothing left on earth or yet to be discovered or heard of. I'd rather migrate to a new planet and start afresh"- Pethiano.

The life of emptiness, the space of speculations, the known becoming the unknown. Evil strive at will. A life were shadows are believed to be real in comparison to flesh and blood. A season where the cast shadow represents the opposite of its true self image. Have lived and I have seen that the right ones, with the right frame of minds are often misunderstood for no just reason. 

A world full of pretense, we are as chameleons, changing our values as circumstances dictates or demands. You open up for the right reason, the same reason for which you said the truth is classified as bias motive, or seen as a way of begging for favour. Holding on to self and keeping a clear distance, you are labeled as one

The Crumbling World Losing My Firm Grip!

What is life all about? for the money or for the power? for superiority or claiming am the man in charge? They call it a race, I call it a rat race of futility.. They say live and live no more, why live when apparently I will live no more? Why struggle for power when I will give up all someday? Why bring to life, when the living are not sure of the next moment? Why attempt

I'd I Knew It Was My Last Moment??

In joy and happiness I traveled home to announce the latest milestone of my academic breakthrough and a new journey of greatness. Got home on a Friday evening after a lengthen journey of about 4 hours and the house was in lock and key, party and celebration was on in the next compound and music bubbly the air. Daddi! Daddi!! (daddy) I called, the response I got was the echo of my voice. Just in minute I was wondering the where about of my dad, and then a young lady walked up to me and said, he is the Chairman of the event a distance away from my view point. Then I took a deep breathe, walked majestically in anticipation to salute

Giving-up The Ghost With-out Apology

Just when I thought I was going to celebrate my examination success with my family after leaving the hall to a bar joint the EleHouse at the University, was the great bad news I never anticipated, nor bargain at the market place or foresaw in the darkest blues of a cold night.....

It was my final exams for the first semester academic session as a Postgraduate student, a paper we all dread with great fear and wink of sight. We've all prepared hard with countless hours and sleepless night, countless energy drinks have gone down our bellies, our
A Simple Lesson: Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time!

You don't need to Pray at this moment Praying Mantis, You need to flee. Holiness is No Substitute for Wisdom! The Spirit of Discernment is what We need most times and always. Pray to God to grant You the Spirit of Discernment! This is all that counts, doing the right things at the right time... Happy Season celebration and thanks for taking time in reading my blog-site thus far. Take necessary steps to apply what you've learnt so far.. Follow me on twitter @pethianopeters

The Power of the Mind

Once upon a time in a village where men, women, and children died of a deadly plague, and the only solution to their predicament was hidden in a far away cave of no traceable path. The best warriors where sent in search for the cure, but none returned alive, because aimlessly they wandered until they where sap of their strengths, to the point of death. It dawn on the villagers that, in tracing this cave, and ensuring successful return of their warriors, poles should be erected with burning bush lamps, as directional signs, and guide.